FREE Tree Planting Service

We are offering a free tree planting service to all new and returning tree work customers. We feel it is our duty to start putting something back in the ground! So.. for all those customers who commission us to carry out tree work on their property we will offer our services, for free, to replant one new tree. If your looking to invest in a greener future then please get in contact. Offer commences 01/01/2020 and is ongoing.

Please Contact us for terms and conditions and more information.

Large Trees

Felling Trees

Tenderleaf Ltd can carry out all aspects of tree surgery including the heavily specialist work of pruning very large trees. The tree in the picture below is on the Stradey Castle estate near Llanelli, South Wales and had been neglected for many years. It required four or five very large limbs removed that had been compromised during bad weather. They where hanging precariously over other specimen trees and over an area which in the past was used regularly by groups as a place to sit and do activities. The work carried out reduces the likelihood of large branch failure.

Monterey Pine, Stradey Castle, Llanelli.
Monterey Pine, Stradey Castle, Llanelli.