What Next?

Trying to decide which arboricultural company you should commission to work on your trees can be a headache! There are however a few very important questions you can ask to make the decision much easier.

ARE YOU INSURED? – Without insurance a tree surgeon is not only risking the protection of your property but also the health and well-being of their workforce. Tenderleaf Ltd hold £10 million Employers Liability, £10 million Public Liability, £2 million Professional Indemnity. 

ARE YOU QUALIFIED? – This is a very dangerous trade and not without risk. However this risk is significantly reduced if operators are qualified. With qualifications comes academic knowledge and a fuller understanding of what is good and bad tree work.

ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? – Experience is everything. Newly qualified tree surgeons may not have the level of skill or knowledge required to safely or professionally carry out tree work to a high enough standard. Many aspects of tree surgery can take many years to master; as the complexities of each individual case can only be truly judged by an experienced eye.

DO YOU HAVE A GOOD REPUTATION? – What others are saying about a company is very important. It will usually mean the difference between good and poor customer service. However reputation doesn’t always reflect the quality of tree work or whether the company works to the British standard for tree work BS3998. At Tenderleaf Ltd we will try and help you in your decision process when deciding what to do with your trees. Sometimes we can offer a slightly different approach to a situation which would benefit you and your tree for a longer period of time.


Give Paul a call or text on: 07887911470  or  01792 686872.

You can email: info@tenderleaf.co.uk

Or contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook


 If you are happy with our quote and would like to proceed please let us know as soon as you can so a slot can be allocated in our diary. Generally we aim to undertake most jobs within three to four weeks of acceptance but often smaller jobs may even be within just a few days. Timescale really depends on job size, planning restrictions and the time of year. 


In most cases we will need to see the tree(s) to calculate an accurate quotation. If the work details cannot be made clear over the phone or via email then it is usually best to discuss the details with you on site.


 Before commencing any contract; if it hasn’t been brought to our attention before, we will always enquire with the council whether your tree(s) are subject any planning restrictions. To carry out work to trees that are protected by tree preservation orders (TPO), permission first needs to be submitted to the council identifying exactly what is intended to be done. This can take 8 weeks to be processed by the council and permission may be refused. If this is the case we shall discuss with you your options. Conservation areas also protect trees but in this case a letter of intent must be sent to the council and after 6 weeks the work can be carried out. These 6 weeks allows the council enough time to place a TPO on the tree(s), if they feel it is needed, which would then require a further application to carry out the works. 


We will endeavour to supply a FREE No Obligation quote within a couple days of our initial site visit however for larger, more complicated contracts quotations can take up to seven days. Quotes can be emailed instantly or posted via Royal Mail.


Once the compulsory restriction checks have been made and the appropriate action taken we shall carry out the quoted works.


After all the quoted works have been fulfilled and you are happy with the result, an Invoice will be issued. Payment details will be stated on each invoice but we appreciate prompt payment once your happy with the work we’ve completed.