Tools for the Job.

DitchWitch Skid Steer

We are investing in the tools to make our life easier and the work we do more efficient. This DitchWitch is an amazing machine used for moving timber, brash and woodchip; it helps reduce the stress on our bodies and improve health and safety onsite. I sometimes wonder how we did without it!!

FREE Tree Planting Service

We are offering a free tree planting service to all new and returning tree work customers. We feel it is our duty to start putting something back in the ground! So.. for all those customers who commission us to carry out tree work on their property we will offer our services, for free, to replant one new tree. If your looking to invest in a greener future then please get in contact. Offer commences 01/01/2020 and is ongoing.

Please Contact us for terms and conditions and more information.

Hedge Maintenance

Maintaining hedges can sometimes be a huge burden which is why we are often asked to reduce or remove them. Leylandii typically outgrows it’s location and soon become a nuisance if not regularly trimmed, preferable at least once yearly. Tenderleaf tree services have recently been carrying out many hedge reductions, removals and general tidy ups ready for winter.

Hedge reduction and trimming


Milled Yew

Tree felling is quite often a shame, as yet another tree is no longer providingĀ us all with its benefits. This is why, when the opportunity arises to produce quality and attractive timber I jump to it. This piece of Yew originated life down at The Mumbles, Swansea but unfortunately had to be removed. We have produce a number of excellent boards from it, of varying sizes. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this great hardwood timber.

Milled Yew
2 inch Yew (Taxus baccata) boards.